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COWCLIP data from Task 3 (Phase 2) is now available online; please see the following metadata record.

Title:  COWCLIP2.0 ocean wave climate and extremes statistics from CMIP5-driven wave models
Abstract (abridged):  COWCLIP has undertaken a process of aligning modeled ocean wave data driven by CMIP5 global climate models using the common COWCLIP statistics. The statistical data were merged to produce this data collection (ready for direct comparison and analysis) and the findings are published in Morim et al. (NCC, 2019). This data collection accompanies a data descriptor paper in Scientific Data.
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The common COWCLIP statistics (also COWCLIP standard set of statistics) are a consistent set of wave statistics that are being used for analysis in the ongoing COWCLIP tasks.

Data contributed for the intercomparisons have been processed by the contributing groups using FORTRAN code developed by X.L. Wang1, Y. Feng1, R. Chan1, and L. Mentaschi2 (1Environment and Climate Change Canada; 2Joint Research Center). In addition, this code has been updated by C. Trenham (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Australia) to ensure that the directional statistics are calculated correctly.

Both the original and updated versions of the common COWCLIP statistics code (getStat, getStatDir, getHsEx) and guide are accessible here:
        getStat_original.tar.gz,    getStat_update.tar.gz

In addition, the python scripts used for processing the published results from Task 3 are available below courtesy of C. Trenham (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Australia).